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Sunrise with Mount Fitz Roy and his royal court, Argentina (Adventure Journal)



Am I supposed to like this?

Judgments happen long before we think they do. And successful marketers (and teachers and leaders) invest far more into “supposed to” than it appears. (by Seth Godin)



Ecstasy of Freedom, Nevia Gak

Ecstasy of Freedom, Nevia Gak



Gates to Paradise, Ghiberti

Gates to Paradise, Ghiberti

Endless fun

"The question is not whether we can upload our brains onto a computer, but what will become of us when we do"

Chris Rubino




In songs never sung,

In unspoken words,

In poems thrown away

To catch the next best rhyme -

It is there that doubt resides

And fear picks its lonely victim.

It is there that we got stuck.

All for a single smile,

A song of love to warm

Cold worlds in our minds,

A fulfilled silent prayer

To save restless hearts,

A granted humble wish

To see the loved once more.

All for a tiny ray of hope

That tomorrow may bring what

Today never brought.

My dear no one,

Try not to fake bitter smiles

When you read these lines,

They are just random thoughts

Put together to form a tuneful song

But which catching tune

We will never be able to carry on.

So shut your mouth

If you have nothing to say,

You will soon realize

That not in distance but

In silence all answers lay.


More than Human, Tim Flach (
I’m in awe. Lost for words.

More than Human, Tim Flach (

I’m in awe. Lost for words.



They Froze for Science

What members of Scott’s South Pole expedition went through to secure some particularly remote biological specimens during their winter on the South Pole. (by David Dobbs, Wired)

Women Who Run With the Tides, A Film by Michelle Shearer

If the media gives any attention to older people — meaning, anyone over 35 — the subtext is always how radical it is that a person of such advanced years can still, like, run and stuff. But here’s the thing about getting older: You acquire knowledge. You acquire wisdom. You learn patience. You develop character. And all of these wonderful gifts are on display with this delightful look at three Australian women who surf together regularly at Lennox Head, New South Wales. Marg is 64, Sally is 58, and Carol is 50, and they share their love of surfing in these older years, talk about how different the lineup feels when it’s populated with women, and in general seem as comfortable in their own skins as anyone could want. Filmmaker Michelle Shearer has blessed us with a simple, sparkling look at real people in love with life, and age has both little and everything to do with it. (Steve Casimiro, Adventure Journal)

Beautiful War, Kings of Leon

Everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was … lived there — on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.
Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot